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Paddy De Stoner VMT0112X

The Paddy De Stoner VMT0112X is uniquely designed and is highly efficient in removing stones and heavy particles from the paddy.

Paddy De Stoner VMT0112X
  • It is highly efficient and very precise in separation of stones and heavy matters such as stones, gravels, sand,glass and metallic particles by specific gravity differentiation system from paddy and grains.
  • It automatically removes hard materials along with immature grains out of the paddy.
  • Aspiration as well as vibration indicators are there to set the machine as per density of the raw Material.
  • Separation and collection of stones and dust particles from Aspirator.
  • It is a sturdy and heavy duty machine that is easy in operation.
  • Almost no break downs.
Model Capacity Power
01121 3-5 7.5+.5+.5HP
01122 5-8 10+.5+.5HP