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Paddy Cleaner VMT0111X

The VMT Paddy Cleaner is highly efficient machine specially designed for cleaning un-wanted materials mixed into the raw paddy.

Paddy Cleaner VMT0111X
  • It is equipped with a double aspiration system. The top aspiration for separation of straw pieces and loose fiber and bottom aspiration for fine cleaning of heavy materials.
  • It is fitted with a special roller to feed the material uniformly and cover full surface of the cleaning sieve.
  • It has a roto cleaning system which is a special feature to shed out paper, grass, straws and twain to enter inside the machine.
  • There are three sieves, Blower, Firm drive and motors.
  • It separates stones, rope fiber, sticks, mud pallets, straw lumps, light grains and other impurities.
  • It is a complete cleaning system that maintains uniform output.
  • It requires minimum maintenance and is easy to operate.
Model Capacity Power
01111 4MT 7.5+2HP
01112 6MT 7.5+2HP
01113 8MT 7.5+2HP