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Emery Jet Polisher VMT0164X

The Emery Jet Polisher VMT0164X is uniquely designed to render uniform polish with minimum breakage of rice. The machine is highly efficient for Polishing Small Grains of any type of Rice.

Emery Jet Polisher VMT0164X
  • Uniform polishing with minimum broken rice and improved output.
  • S.S. Screw Feeder, Rotor, Screens and Shaft for longer life.
  • Adjustable Polishing Pressure.
  • Infinite adjustment for Polishing.
  • Highly energy efficient and consumes much less power.
  • Low Maintenance and easy operation.
  • It is best for rice polishing up to 1 M.T to 5 M.T. capacity.
  • Compact design for easy installation.
  • Economical and Modern Design.
  • Low Investment and high earning.
Model Capacity Power
0164X 1MT 20HP