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Paddy Separator VMT0154X

The Paddy Separator VMT0154X effect separation of brown rice and husked paddy grains from the shelled rice. The separation is accomplished by passing the grain mix through a series of Zig- zag shaped baffle compartments mounted on an inclined oscillating table. Utilizing the difference in the specific gravity, surface, texture of the grains and gravity It gently separates the different components of the de-husked paddy.

Paddy Separator VMT0154X
  • The machine has been uniquely designed
  • The spread roller method of feeding ensures uniform feed to all compartments equally.
  • The machine is made up of Stainless Steel sheet , Stainless Steel Zig-Zag, inclined compartments and a high grade mild steel flat separation table..
  • Accurate size of compartment plates ensures uniform compartment size.
  • Table inclination adjustment mechanism.
  • Longitude table guide speed range adjustment.
  • The machine has a compact design and covers small area for installation.
  • Lower power consumption. Low Maintenance and easy operation.
Model Capacity Power Compartment
01541 1.5MT 3HP 45
01542 2.5MT 3HP 60
01543 3-4MT 3HP 75